School at the Children's Village

More than half of all Haitians are illiterate, and most children do not have the benefit of a formal education.

Recognizing that without an education it is extremely difficult to escape a life of poverty, The Foundation for the Children of Haiti (FCH) has always been committed to ensuring that children receive a good education.

In 1987 Rainbow of Love Nursery (RoL) was established to care for abandoned children waiting to be adopted by families in Canada, the United States and France.

Although most of these children were cared for by the Foundation for less than two years, FCH made sure that the children of pre-school age and older started their education while they were living at the Nursery.

School at the Rainbow of Love Nursery - 1989

In 2002 when the Rainbow of Love moved from rented premises to a new facility at the Children's Village, the school moved with them.

Children attending PE Class at the Rainbow of Love

The school at RoL is an elementary school. As children complete Grade 6, the Foundation arranges for them to attend a local secondary school, to ensure that all children have the opportunity to complete high school.

Student at the Village School

New school building at the Children's Village

The RoL School at the Children's Village currently operates on the second floor of the orphanage building.

We are currently working on the next chapter in the Foundation's commitment to education: the construction of a school building at the Children's Village.

Children living at the Rainbow of Love Orphanage will attend the school along with children from the neighbourhood, which is under-served with regard to primary education.

The school will be wheelchair accessible, allowing higher-functioning residents living at Hope Home to attend.

Drawing of the new school under construction at the Children's Village

The picture below (from a few years ago) shows the Rainbow of Love building on the left, and Hope Home on the right. The new school building is being constructed in front of Hope Home. There is room for a playing field at the bottom of the lot, in the right foreground. (This picture does not capture the full length of the site.)

The main floor will have 6 classrooms, the office, washrooms, and an outdoor courtyard.

The second floor will have 4 classrooms and a multi-purpose room. The two larger classrooms will have dividers to allow the rooms to be split to accommodate smaller classes. The second story will be accessible by way of a ramp as well as stairs, allowing some of the special needs residents at Hope Home to attend classes.

This new building will free up space on the second floor of the Rainbow of Love, which currently serves as our school, allowing us to accommodate more children at the orphanage.

When it is complete, the new school will be one of the most modern, well designed elementary schools in Haiti, continuing our 33 year legacy of making a difference, one child at a time.

Quality education is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty and inequality. That is why, for the past 33 years, the Foundation for the Children of Haiti has made education a priority for the children under our care.

This project is not just about a new building – as impressive as it will be.

It is about providing Haitian children with the tools they need to one day provide for themselves and their families, and be part of a generation that will build a brighter future for Haiti.

The Canadian Foundation for the Children of Haiti ("CFCH") is an all-volunteer fundraising organization that has supported the work of FCH since 1993.

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