History of Hope Hospital

During the 1980's, many extremely sick children were taken into care by the Foundation for the Children of Haiti ("FCH"). Haiti does not have a government-funded healthcare system, and the one public sector hospital in Port au Prince was unable to offer an acceptable level of care. Therefore, FCH was forced to rely on private hospitals and clinics that provided often inadequate – yet very expensive – care.

The house that would one day become Hope Hospital

In response to the lack of acceptable healthcare, in 1994 FCH started a small pediatric clinic – in a building that was initially home to the Rainbow of Love Nursery – to provide quality healthcare for the children in the orphanages and also for children in the community.

During the first year, the building was expanded and more sophisticated medical services and equipment were added, and by 1995 the pediatric clinic had evolved into a pediatric hospital – "Hope Hospital". (Remarkably, this expansion was completed despite the fact that Haiti was under a severe international embargo at the time.)

As resources became available over the next 2 – 3 years, the hospital was expanded further to add maternity care.

The Hospital's primary focus was on pediatrics and maternity for the first several years. However, in the early 2000's – again in response to the lack of adequate healthcare in Port au Prince – FCH began to incrementally add to the hospital's capabilities.

By 2010 Hope Hospital had become a full service general hospital, with two operating rooms, post-operative recovery, obstetrics / gynecology, neonatal intensive care, intensive care, emergency ward, pediatrics, general medical ward, lab, pharmacy, radiology department (X-ray and ultrasound), orthotics clinic, amputee rehab centre, and an active outpatient clinic.

Hope Hospital in 2010 – after a major expansion and renovation

The hospital was originally established in the residential building that was home to the Rainbow of Love Nursery – FCH's home for babies and toddlers. Although parts of the original building still exist, after numerous extensive expansions and upgrades it has been transformed into a modern, complex medical centre.

In the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake, Hope Hospital served as a trauma center, and sent health care teams into the community to care for people unable to travel to the hospital site. Between January 12 and the end of June 2010, the hospital provided care for over 15,000 people. A number of international medical groups used Hope Hospital as the base for their post-earthquake response teams.

Tents at Hope Hospital to treat the thousands of people

With its focus on excellence in health care, Hope Hospital has become one of the best medical centers in Haiti, expanding FCH's legacy of making a difference in Haitian society.

The Canadian Foundation for the Children of Haiti ("CFCH") is an all-volunteer fundraising organization that has supported the work of FCH since 1993.

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