The Work of The Foundation for the Children of Haiti

The Foundation for the Children of Haiti (FCH) is a Christian organization committed to providing physical, emotional and spiritual care to needy children in Haiti.

FCH is motivated by the conviction that all children deserve to live in a secure and loving environment, receive a standard of care that promotes physical and emotional well-being, and receive an education that will prepare them for a productive future.

FCH was established in 1981 when Gladys Thomas assumed management of a small orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti. Since then, FCH has expanded its operations in response to the needs in Haiti, and currently operates the following ministries:

Haiti Home for Children – FCH's original orphanage, home to 70 children from birth to 17 years old.

Rainbow of Love Orphanage – Home for 70 children from birth to 16 years old. Rainbow is located at the Foundation's "Children's Village", a 2 acre site in central Port au Prince.

Hope Home – A residence for 30 children and young adults with physical and mental disabilities, also located at the Children's Village.

Hope Hospital – A full service, 50 bed general hospital. The hospital has two operating rooms, a post-op recovery room, maternity delivery room, neonatal intensive care unit, intensive care unit, emergency ward, obstetrics/gynecology ward, pediatric ward, lab, pharmacy, radiology department (X-ray and ultrasound), orthotics clinic, an amputee rehab centre, and an active outpatient clinic.

One of the operating rooms at Hope Hospital

School of the Good Sower: Located at the Haiti Home for Children ("HHC"), this school serves the children living at HHC and approximately 150 children from the neighbourhood. The school has been operating since 1982, having opening the door for thousands of children to lift themselves out of poverty.

Children's Village School: This school operates out of the orphanage building, and it serves the children living at Rainbow of Love Orphanage ("ROL").

The Foundation is in the process of constructing a new school building on the Children's Village site. This new building will accommodate up to 300 students, allowing the Foundation to provide an education to over 200 children from the neighbourhood along with the school age children living at ROL. The building will also be wheelchair accessible, allowing some of the children at Hope Home to attend school.

Engineer's drawing of the new elementary school

Mussotte School: An elementary school in Mussotte, a rural area in south western Haiti. The school was established in 2009, in response to the fact that the Mussotte area has no other schools available for children from poor families. The first year the school had 30 students. After 3 expansions, 200 children are enrolled.

The Foundation's commitment and effectiveness is rooted in the fact that it is a Haitian organization. FCH was established by a Haitian woman, all staff members are Haitian, and oversight is provided by a Haitian board of directors.

The staff is experienced and capable. They understand and respect Haitian people and culture. And, since Haiti is their home, they are committed to the long term development of the country.

FCH is an independent organization, governed by a Haitian board of directors.

It has no political, NGO or corporate affiliations. The work is supported by a diverse group of concerned individuals in Canada, the United States and Haiti.

FCH is a leader and key player in the Haitian social services system, with strong links with other organizations, providing leadership to build a stronger Haiti. The Foundation for the Children of Haiti employs 160 Haitians in its various programs. In a country where the unemployment rate is around 70 - 80%, secure and steady jobs are almost impossible to find. Some of the FEH staff come from backgrounds of poverty, and many would otherwise be unemployed. Providing 160 families with the means to support themselves, while changing the lives of those they care for, is a very significant aspect of FCH's work.

The Canadian Foundation for the Children of Haiti ("CFCH") is an all-volunteer fundraising organization that has supported the work of FCH since 1993.

Canadian Foundation for the Children of Haiti

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CFCH is a Canadian Registered Charity

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