History of the Foundation for the Children of Haiti

Chapter 9 – 2009: Mussotte School

Consistent with the Foundation's commitment to education, the first activity outside Port au Prince was the establishment of elementary school in Mussotte, a poor rural area in south west Haiti. There were no affordable schools in the area, meaning most children had no opportunity for an education, locking them into a continuing cycle of poverty. The Foundation was able to respond to this need.

Mussotte School in 2009

The Mussotte school opened in 2009 with 30 students and grew to 85 the following year. For the 2011/2012 school year the Foundation expanded the building and enrollment increased to 125 children. A new class-room was added in the summer of 2014 to accommodate 6th grade students. The added capacity means that 200 needy children now enjoy the gift of a good education.

Children at Mussotte School today

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