History of the Foundation for the Children of Haiti

Chapter 11 – 2014: Further development of the Village – A New School Building

In the spring of 2014 the Foundation began construction of an elementary school building at the children's Village. The school will run from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Children living at the Rainbow of Love Orphanage will attend the school along with children from the neighbourhood, which is under-served with regard to primary education. The school will be wheelchair accessible, allowing higher-functioning residents living at Hope Home to attend.

Engineer's drawing of the new elementary school building at the Children's Village

Upon completion of the new school building, the second floor of the Rainbow of Love Orphanage – where a school currently operates – will be available to accommodate more children.

The availability of the second floor in the Rainbow building will allow us to move younger children living at Haiti Home for Children to the Village, which is in a safer area of Port au Prince.

This will free up space at HHC allowing us – in time – to establish a residential program for young adults to attend secondary and trade school.

Also in early 2014 the Foundation started construction of a suite on the Hope Home building which will serve as home for a couple who will be the Village Managers.

The Children's Village is an active and complex community: 60 – 70 children at Rainbow of Love, over 30 at Hope Home, and – once the school building is complete – up to 200 children from the neighbourhood will be joining our children at the school. Meeting the needs of all the children who are served by the Village will require a special kind of leadership.

Transform a small, rundown orphanage into a sophisticated organization offering high quality child care, education, special needs care ad complex medical services. Sounds like an impossible dream, doesn't it? But it happened.

And FCH has more dreams that we are sure will one day come true.

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