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History of the Foundation for the Children of Haiti

Chapter 7 - 2004: Expansion of the Village

In 2004 the Foundation started the second building on the Village site. This project was driven by the need for more living space due to growth in the number of children under care in both the Nursery and Hope Home. Also, although the main floor of the first building was designed for the special needs of the Hope Home residents, the staff identified a number of features that would suit their requirements even better.

Therefore, the second building at the Village was designed as the new and improved Hope Home.

This new residence was built during a very difficult time. Started in 2004, its construction spanned a period of unprecedented economic hardship and political turmoil, a time where there was an almost complete absence of law and order in Port au Prince.

During 2004, 2005 and into 2006, gang violence and the kidnapping of ordinary citizens were daily occurrences in Port au Prince. The daughters of the engineer working on the project were victims of a failed kidnapping attempt. As a result, work on the new building had to be suspended for almost a year – it was too risky to engage in any activity outside normal daily routines. In addition to these personal threats, there were severe financial hardships. For instance, the cost of basic construction materials like cement tripled during the construction period.

However, despite these challenges, given the dedication and creativity of the Foundation staff, and the generosity of our supporters, the second building was completed in October 2007. It is a beautiful facility, carefully designed to accommodate the special needs of its residents.

Hope Home building

When the Hope Home residents moved from the Village's first building into the new building, the Rainbow of Love children moved from the second floor to the main floor. This allowed the Foundation to use the second floor as a school for the Rainbow of Love children.

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