The Foundation for the Children of Haiti (FCH) is a Christian organization providing physical, emotional and spiritual care to needy children in Haiti. Since 1981, FCH has been changing lives by living out our motto "Making a difference... one child at a time."

Many thanks to all who have helped The Foundation for the Children of Haiti (FCH) with its earthquake relief project.

Here’s a brief update on developments since the earthquake struck on August 14:

• FCH sent its first shipment of supplies to Les Cayes on Sunday, August 22

• On Sunday, August 29 FCH arranged a shipment of medication to support a medical team working in the area

• Transportation to the south of Haiti is challenging due to damage to roads caused by the earthquake and a tropical storm that hit the area just after the quake.

•  FCH is working with a local organization (COFHED) located in Camp-Perrin (a small community about 25 km   north of Les Cayes) that has been involved in development work in small, remote communities for the past 20 years. Like FCH, COFHED is a grassroots Haitian organization with deep ties in the community, so they are able to effectively deliver aid to people most in need.

•  FCH is concentrating on supporting small, remote villages in the area. There are dozens of villages where people have lost their homes and have received no aid since the quake hit. They are running out of food, and have no access to clean water, shelter, and medical supplies.

•  The needs are overwhelming, and earthquake damage has been worsened by the fact that this is hurricane season, and there has been a lot of rain over the past few weeks. In the mountainous areas of southern Haiti it gets cold at night so small children are at significant risk living without shelter in the rain.

•  On August 27, funds donated to CFCH for earthquake relief were wire transferred to FCH. FCH is using these funds to purchase supplies for the next shipment.

•  Gladys will fly to Les Cayes this weekend (September 5) to visit the area to identify where the need is greatest,
  and work with COFHED to arrange the safe transit and distribution of the next shipments of supplies.

•  Key items required include tarps for shelter, food, water purification tablets, water containers, medical supplies,
  and basic implements for cooking.

Thanks again to all who have donated to the relief fund. Funds will be sent down to FCH to continue purchasing supplies.

If you’d like to be part of this project, please go to our donations page to donate.

Maybe you could buy a couple of tarps or bags of rice to help a family in need, or a case of water purification tablets to help a village !

To give you an idea, here are the prices for some of the key items needed:

• 16-foot x 20-foot waterproof tarp: $30 US.

• 16-foot x 20-foot waterproof tarp: $30 US.

• 25 pound bag of rice: $25.00 US

• One case of water purification tablets: $960 US. (There are 32,000 tablets in a case; each tablet purifies 5 gallons.)

As long as FCH has funds, they will continue the relief effort, so we value your support more than we can say.

Thank you for praying for the people of Haiti, and for the safe transportation of supplies to those in need.

P.S.   CLICK HERE  for a map of Haiti, then zoom in and see the dozens of small villages in the south around Les Cayes… many of these villages were destroyed in the earthquake.


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The Canadian Foundation for the Children of Haiti ("CFCH") is an all-volunteer fundraising organization that has supported the work of FCH since 1993.
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